for biology:

stands for maintenance and gentle use of our limited natural resources.

This area covers projects of biotechnology, aquafarming and life sciences.

for energy:

contains subjects of regenerative energy management.

This area is based on structures with a long tradition like hardly any other. Our focus is on bioenergy with procedures that are based on renewable resources or natural resources such as sun, wind and water.

for technology:

innovative solutions for energy storage and mains safety, as well as Bluetector, a technology range with enormous interaction.

This includes new procedures of water and sewage treatment and sustainable efficiency increase of present plants.

[banner text="BIOPOWERTEC AG relies on growth from investment in sustainable solutions that will achieve solid profits in the next few years by use of state-of-the-art technologies. Current main regions of our projects are Europe, Northern, Middle and Southern America, Switzerland, Iceland and the Middle East." ]


We rely on an interaction of tried and tested, established technologies with new ideas and approaches

In times in which a general change of paradigm in the energy sector is indispensable, we invest in international projects that enable us to move towards a sustainable, modern society with great ideas and expertise. We are looking for options of how to convert present systems to bio fuels and other renewable energy sources. Examples for disruptive projects of BIOPOWERTEC AG:

Bluetector to prepare sewage
The common sewage treatment systems are specifically determined for treatment of strongly contaminated water and sewage. Sewage that is collected, e.g. in suction vehicles, is part of this category. The system of sewage treatment in sealed containers is a method based on which sewage can be cleaned fully automatic and environmentally compatible with little effort. The system consists of a smart pressing system and storage containers for the sewage and the prepared water. Installed electrical high-performance sensors continually measure the quality of the treated water. The fully automated system can at any time be remote-monitored and -controlled, even from a Smartphone or tablet. The technology can be used in many areas. To name just a few: Sewage disposal, mining, landfills and treatment of industrial wastes.


Driven by solar energy
A number of new companies are developing innovative drive systems based on solar energy. Similar to the developments in the automotive sector, there are currently young companies building boats with electrical, hybrid and solar drives. This can even be combined with the old technology of sailing, which enjoys a new valuation in commercial use. In spite of the considerable cost effort, there is any number of opportunities in this area.

Bio fuel of algae
A development towards alternative bio fuels and raw materials is happening to replace crude oil. The new technologies open up a wide range of options in processing of renewable natural resources, such as bio fuels of algae. Only some few natural resources are more promising than algae, which are bred for production of bio fuel.

The combustion of oil produced from algae releases CO2 that has been taken up right from the atmosphere, in contrast to fossil fuels that have previously been enclosed below the surface of the earth. Studies show that bio fuel produced of algae could reduce the released CO2 emission by 50–70% as compared to fossil fuels. The benefits of fuels on algae-basis as compared to fossil fuels make them an attractive investment.

Bio fuel
One decisive argument for bio fuel production is that valuable resources can be grown on the land; the land should be unsuitable as farming ground if possible. Because bio fuel is biodegradable, less water is needed after an accident and the environment is generally less badly damaged; it is also known that bio fuels cause less wear in engines and thus increase their service lives.

Other sectors are:
• Wind
• Hydropower
• Waste to Energy, etc.

The Team

Our passion: Energy solutions based on renewable resources and natural energy sources to protect the ecosystem.

Experience and management competence in marketing and sales
With the particularly large bandwidth of renewable energies, we have a wide-spread market that is targeted at reducing the energy consumption of fossil fuels and the emission of greenhouse gases. Reaching this market is difficult for many projects with good project approaches. Innovative projects most often miss knowledge on sales and distribution of the products and methods for planned and sustainable corporate development. We offer professional consulting in strategy development, especially in marketing and sales.


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